What issues one faces while setting up or during an ad campaign?

What issues one faces while setting up or during an ad campaign? – Know Online Advertising

The issues faced are:

  • Understanding of third party tags i.e. one should have clarity on the code and where the macros has to be used, otherwise that will lead to reporting issue
  • w.r.t publishers, placement of the ad tag should be properly managed i.e. where the ad has to be appear, alignment may lead to improper appearance of the ad
  • Understanding of the campaign or plan is must, this is the most common issue one faces while setting up a campaign, if you are clear with the plan or the goal you can alwaz make line items as per your accurate understanding and not unnecessary setups
  • Slight knowledge of JavaScript and HTML solves a lot of problem related to tags and it’s handling
  • Improper tracking is the most major issue, so using of tools like Fiddler and HTTP fox can reduce i.e. these tools assures the pixel are firing properly
  • Creative specs is an another concern that comes at the time of trafficking a campaign. A creative has to be exactly of the specs like the size, dimension, FPS, etc. FLash files can be double checked using a tool called UAE
  • Implementation of ClickTag on the flash file is an another issue that is seen very generally, UAE can help to check that too
  • Discrepancy between different ad server report, to keep in control always double check the difference and see what’s the general trend
  • Camapign spend always vary, at times campaign spends goes down. Monitoring of the campaign closely is very important, any issue of delivery may require addition of some more inventories or bid value

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