How Women Are Winning on Amazon [Infographic]

MAR. 29, 2021


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It’s a proven fact that anyone can sell products on Amazon. Whether you’re young or old, have a Ph.D. or a GED, or are a busy working parent, you can find success as an e-commerce entrepreneur.

Despite this breadth of opportunity, just 32 percent of Amazon sellers are women. And while Jungle Scout’s annual survey of Amazon sellers shows that this figure has risen from 26 percent in 2020, there is still considerable ground to cover in terms of equal gender representation in e-commerce.

The good news is that what women lack in numbers, they make up for in performance as Amazon sellers.

The vast majority (85 percent) of women who run Amazon businesses are profitable, 57 percent have become so within a year of launching their businesses. That’s no small feat, considering that 39 percent of women sellers also work jobs unrelated to their Amazon businesses (another 27 percent are self-employed or own a business). On top of that, more than three-quarters run their businesses out of their homes, where—as many of us have experienced over the past year—it can be difficult to find time and space to learn a new trade.

But these entrepreneurs persevere: about half of all women selling on Amazon earn an impressive $5,000 or more in sales each month. One in five women have made over six figures in lifetime profits on Amazon, and 8 percent have become millionaires through their Amazon businesses.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Amazon Sales

To a large extent, women have been able to maintain the success of their businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic: despite supply-chain slowdowns and other restrictions, 64 percent saw higher profits in 2020, and 47 percent say their business performed better because of the pandemic.

Like many entrepreneurs, the women of Amazon began their e-commerce businesses for the flexibility remote work offers, to be their own bosses, and to feel challenged and accomplished in their careers. With earnings from Amazon, women have been able to build personal savings, pay off debt, and even quit their primary jobs.

Selling has also yielded opportunities to build soft skills, earn promotions at work, and achieve a work-life balance. Here’s what some women have said about what they’ve gained from their experience as sellers:

  • “I’ve been able to run my own business and have more freedom to schedule my day. I’m starting to earn enough money to live comfortably.”
  • “A feeling of success.”
  • “Professional achievement. I became the Amazon Team’s manager at the company I work for.”
  • “Created a strong community that collaborates on how to improve the business. Got out of my comfort zone.”

What the Future Holds for Women of Amazon

Women are looking ahead to further growth in 2021 and beyond. Already, one in four earn income exclusively from selling on Amazon, and one in five have hired an employee or two to help run their businesses. Over a third are considering expanding their operations to this year.

While it’s no surprise that women have found success through Amazon entrepreneurship, their accomplishments are impressive nonetheless. As online shopping continues to grow worldwide, it will be interesting to see how many more women launch Amazon businesses and whether e-commerce can continue to open leadership opportunities for women in business.

To learn how to launch an e-commerce business, check out our step-by-step guide to selling on Amazon.

You can find more information about Amazon seller demographics here.

By Molly Burke, Content Specialist at Jungle Scout

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