Facebook Is Changing Attribution Settings As a Result of the iOS14 Update

Jan. 1, 2021

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Specifically, once the update rolls out (called the AppTracking Transparency prompt) Facebook advertisers will have a harder time optimizing, targeting, and reporting on web events due to the impact on data sharing. According to Facebook, the account-level attribution window will be replaced by a new attribution setting at the ad set level. (This is accessible under the “Optimization and Delivery” tab.) This change has already rolled out to some accounts and will likely continue to roll out till the end of January.

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This is what the new attribution setting will include:

  • one-day click

  • seven-day click (default after prompt enforcement)

  • one-day click and one-day view

  • seven-day click and one-day view (initial default)

As you can see, the 28-day window is no longer included, and the new windows are more short-term than long-term.

For some ad accounts, the default  seven-day click and one-day view attribution setting has already rolled out to both active campaigns and future campaigns. If you’re currently running ads, expect their attribution settings to change during the roll out. When this happens, you’ll see your delivery remaining the same but your conversion decreasing. If your campaigns are currently running with a 28-day click and one-day view setting, expect your conversions to be even more affected.

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To access the new attribution setting, got to the ad-set level then go to the “Optimization and Delivery” section. This will replace the conversion window selection.

Although the new attribution settings have already rolled out to several ad accounts, you can still access data for all attribution windows, even the ones that have been phased out, like the 28-day window. This will continue until Apple has rolled out the iOS14 update.

Facebook has been preparing for the Apple iOS14 update since August when the software company announced changes that come with the update. To track more Facebook ad changes to come because of iOS14, follow the iOS14 updates sheet.



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