8 B2B Instagram Marketing Strategies

JAN. 27, 2021

B2B companies require a creative and well-formulated marketing plan. When most businesses think about B2B marketing strategies, they tend to focus on outbound and direct techniques such as sending messages to prospective clients. As the world has switched to social media, it is vital to utilize its potential. One of the biggest social media platforms you can use to grow your B2B Company is Instagram.

 Successful companies know just how important Instagram is to boost their brand reach and find opportunities. The best thing about the social media giant is that it allows you to attract more customers and monitor competitor activity easily. If you are interested in Instagram marketing, the following strategies will help you take your business to the next level.

1. Focus on Quality  

When it comes to Instagram marketing or digital marketing in general, quality is everything. The fact is that the number of your followers and engagement is just as important as the influence you have over them. Now, it might be possible to build a following on Instagram quickly. However, it will not help you meet marketing objectives unless those followers are genuine and value what you have to offer. This is why you have to consider every post before uploading it. 

Make sure that whatever you post is of high-quality so that it helps boost your ROI. The goal should always be quality and not quantity. Having five quality images is a lot better than posting ten low-quality pictures.  For example, if you visit Tiffany & Co’s Instagram page, you will be drawn to their content. Similarly, you should also strive to develop informative content that is visually appealing as well.

2. Create Unique Content

To stand out in the world of today, you need to create unique content. Think about the type of content you want to post and try to make it unique so that it has a higher chance of going viral

High-quality content can only go a long way if it is also unique. People like to look at authentic content. Turn heads by trying something different from your competition. Take a leaf from Madewell’s account.

The company has been constantly praised for its unique content. Just before product launch, Madewell’s account provides unique information to get users hooked. You will notice how the brand does not use stock photography but, instead, posts authentic content.

3. Use Focused and Specific Hashtags

Another B2B Instagram marketing strategy that you can try is using focused and specific hashtags. Start by doing some hashtag research. Now, your audience is there somewhere. You only need to know where to find them.

To boost your chances of your audience finding you, you can create a hashtag for your business. It will help bring relevant users to your profile

Creating branded hashtags is also very effective. It allows users to participate in the conversation. You can learn a lot about branded strategies from these campaigns

4. Optimize Profile and Posts for Users to Search on Instagram

A great strategy that you need to try is optimizing your profile and posts so that users have an easier time searching for your brand on Instagram. 

Instagram has its own search function that works just like Google. It means that users will have an easier time finding your content if you optimize your profile and posts for search. Follow SEO techniques for your Instagram posts. The following tips will prove useful:

  • Add your brand name in the bio.
  • Use keywords in your hashtags.
  • Include secondary keywords in the image captions.

5. Opt for User-Generated Content

Some of the biggest brands have embraced user-generated content, and so should you. The perfect example of a platform that does a great job posting user-generated content is Etsy. Its profile consists of beautiful works of art. 

By posting user-generated content, you get to attract both B2B and B2C customers. It offers the best of both worlds. Besides, it requires minimal effort as you can ask users to post content and tag you. Then, you can repost the content that you find interesting.

6. Engage with Followers

To keep things exciting, you need to introduce a strategy that engages with followers. No amount of ads will keep users hooked to your profile and encourage them to buy from you better than engaging content.  

The secret of mastering brand engagement is active and transparent. Allow potential customers to interact with the business easily. It will help create a loyal community of followers. 

Since Instagram is filled with fake comments, your business might not appear in the best light. The only way to counter this is by engaging with followers and showing potential customers that the brand is worth the hype.

7. Showcase Physical Products

To attract people to your brand, you need to showcase your physical products on Instagram. Display your products in their full glory. 

Boeing is the ideal example of how you can show off what you have to offer. A look at their Instagram profile will open your eyes to the potential of showcasing your products. 

8. Video Marketing

Finally, you need to invest in video marketing. Since humans are visual creatures, they are more likely to be drawn to videos. Images might work well with B2C customers, but B2B customers need more information. This is where videos come in handy.

A close look at Shopify’s Instagram account will make you see how you can post videos. The brand offers great ideas, such as posting tips about getting the most of the site and appearing in a positive light. Take advantage of video marketing to boost your Instagram presence.

B2B Instagram Marketing Strategies

Since Instagram is continuously evolving, you need to stay ahead of the pack by trying out new things. Never stick to the same thing. 

B2B Instagram marketing strategies allow you to expand your reach, boost engagement, and increase conversions. From focusing on quality to investing in video marketing, all of the strategies mentioned can help you reach new heights. 



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