Facebook Now Limits the Number of Ads You Can Run Per Page

Jan. 14, 2021

Facebook is now limiting the number of ads you can run per business page, a change that will take effect on February 16. 

The number of ads you can run depends on the size of your business. So, if you have a bigger business with a higher ad spend, your cap is also higher, but if your ad spend is on the lower side, your cap will be a little more restrictive. 

Here’s a chart from Facebook, which outlines the ad limit.

Source: Facebook Business

If you reached your ad limit, you will be unable to run more ads or publish edits to ads. Ads running or in review count toward the limit. Scheduled ads do not.

Although multiple ad accounts can advertise for one business page, since ad limits are implemented per page, an attempt to exceed the limit by producing more ads from different ad accounts will not succeed. An attempt to skirt the new rule by simply creating more pages will hurt campaign performance for the following reasons:

  • The pages will compete against each other in the auction, resulting in higher costs
  • By creating more pages, you are splitting learnings results, which may lead to decreased conversion rates

Facebook points to performance as the reason behind the change. According to the social media company, running too many ads concurrently negatively affects the learning phase. Namely, fewer ads exit the learning phase resulting in too much money spent before the campaign has been fully optimized.

Ad limits will start in February, so to prepare for this change and benefit from the results, make sure you are abiding by the limit per page (not per ad account). This will avoid any delays in your campaigns.



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